How to send the letter to mobile

How to send the letter to mobile

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Sms and electronic notifications can be sent when to make a call not really conveniently. For example, during the important meetings or when the addressee is in roaming. Receive and send letters to cellular is much cheaper, than call.

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1. Check your balance on the phone. It is important as some cellular operators do not allow to use service of sending SMS messages at a lack of means on the account. If on the mobile phone there is no money, then it is necessary to recharge.

2. Pay attention that can provide you service of USDD requests at minus balance when the interlocutor receives the notification of this kind: ""Money ended, call back"". It is necessary to specify parameters of similar procedures at the operator as usually they differ a little.

3. Try to send the message from one phone to other mobile. At the same time you should know the subscriber number to which you will write the short text.

4. Come into the menu of cellular, find the Message point and press on it. Select "The new message". Having entered inside, type the necessary text. After that we look for the name of the addressee in contacts entered earlier, or we drive in the phone number. Further click "Send".

5. Use such service as sending messages online on mobile. For this purpose the computer with access to the network is necessary for you.

6. Configure Internet communication. After that you gather the address of the official website of telecom operator and you find the button with the name ""Send the Sms"". Click on it and you will see a form for sending SMS.

7. Then write the subscriber number to the offered field, but pay attention to correctness of set of digits. As a rule, the template is specified in brackets, further in a text box fill out the text of the message. You drive in letters and numbers which you see on the image into the subsequent window. It is provided to exclude spam, that is mailing of advertizing letters. Then you click "Send the Message".

8. In a mail agent open the Add Contact for Calls and SMS tab. Then specify all necessary data, save contact. Click the new account two times, hammer the message and press "Send".

9. For sending the notification through the ICQ program open the contact list. Then in a dialogue window in the SMS point it is necessary to enter phone and the name. Write the text and click "Send".

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