How to send the message to phone online

How to send the message to phone online

Service which is provided by many mobile operators – sending SMS online – can be very useful with that case if you have to send the urgent SMS message and at the same time there is no opportunity to recharge the mobile phone. However this service has several shortcomings – first, you do not receive the notification whether was your message is delivered, secondly, you can send SMS from the website of the mobile operator only to phones of this mobile operator.


1. To send SMS to the phone number of BeeLine operator, visit the homepage of the official site of the company. Further scroll the page up to the end down and from the lower menu of the homepage select the Send SMS/MMS item.

2. The page with a form of sending the SMS message will open. In the certain field enter the code (for example, 903), in next to it – the seven-digit phone number. Further in the Your Message field enter the text of the message. If you want your message to contain more characters, leave a marker in the field lower "Transform the Cyrillic characters to Latin", however keep in mind that in this case the message to the recipient will come, transferred to Latin. If you remove this marker, then the recipient will receive the message Cyrillics, however the text of the message in this case will be cut by half.

3. Enter target figures from the picture in the field below then click "Send". You will get on the page informing you that "the message is placed in queue of sending". Further you can click on the button "Check the Status of Sending" or "Send One More Message", or leave the page.

4. To send SMS to number of the operator of MTS, visit the website of operator, select the section of the menu "To private clients: Message exchange". On the opened page from the menu select the SMS item at the left. In the menu under the heading "Opportunities" select a line of "SMS/MMS from the website".

5. The page on which it is necessary to enter the phone number of the recipient and the text of the message will open. Further note the picture according to the description (thus the website of MTS checks that you the person, but not virtual "boat") and press the Send the Message button.

6. To send SMS to the subscriber Megafon, visit the official site of operator. In the horizontal menu under an advertizing banner select the Send SMS/MMS item.

7. On the opened page select the code of number, enter number then enter the text of the message. Here too there is an opportunity to include a transliteration, but also to select time of delivery of the message. After that enter control words from the picture and click "Send".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team