How to send the message to the IP address

How to send the message to the IP address

It is possible to send the message to the selected IP address to Windows OS of the version of XP by means of the built-in console net send utility. In later versions the application of customized applications or online services is necessary.


1. Execute login with the account of the administrator and open the main system menu, having clicked "Start-up". Pass into "Control panel" and open the link "Administration". Expand a node of "Service" and find the Service of Messages element.

2. Open the found element doubleclick of a mouse and go to the General tab of the opened dialog box of properties. Specify Car value in the section "Start Type" and confirm the choice, having clicked "Apply".

3. Use an alternative method of inclusion of necessary service of messages. For this purpose return to the main Start-up system menu and pass into a dialog "Execute". Enter cmd value to the line "Open" and confirm start of the command line utility, having pressed the OK button.

4. Enter znacheniyesc config messenger start = autov to the first line of the command interpreter Windows and net start messenger-into the second. Authorize start of the console net send utility, having clicked a function key of Enter.

5. Use the following syntax of the net send command in the command line: net send of an imya_polzovatel | * | / domain: imya_domena | / users message, where: - an imya_polzovatel - the addressee of the message; - * - all members of the selected domain; - domain: an imya_domena - all names of the domain; - users - all clients of the used server.

6. Pay attention that in private messages more than 1600 signs, and in bulk mailings — more than 128 cannot be used. Names of addressees cannot exceed 15 signs (for Windows XP).

7. In later versions of Windows OS it is necessary for correct work of the sent utility that the configuration of network settings allowed use of NetBIOS using TCP/IP and ports 145 and 139 were open. Also indispensable condition are settings of network environment and the general access to files.

8. Use specialized online service for sending messages for the selected address. Service is free and does not require registration.

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