How to send the message to Twitter

How to send the message to Twitter

Twitter is a popular online service on which users can keep the microblogs. They are really micro, the message can be only 140 characters. But in Twitter it is possible to share thoughts with acquaintances, to get new friends and to read messages of celebrities.


1. If you for the first time has come on this resource, then to begin to send messages to Twitter, you will need to register. You should enter the name and a surname, the operating e-mail address, to think up the password that possible ill-wishers could not crack you and also think up the login by which will find your Twitter. However, the obliging system itself also will offer you the word in consonance with your name and a surname.

2. After all fields are filled, press "register". Twitter will offer you interesting people whom, perhaps, you want to read and also will suggest to find friends. The notification on registration will come to the same time to you to mail. You need only to follow the link specified in the message, and your registration will be complete.

3. As soon as you visit the website, you will see the question "What's happening?" and a window in which you can print the message. After you shaped the ideas in 140 characters, click "Tweet". Your message will appear at you in Twitter, and your friends will be able to read it.

4. You can write messages which will be read only by their addressee. For this purpose visit the page to the person. To the right of the Following button you will see an icon on which the envelope is represented. Having clicked it, you will be able to send the personal letter, having also laid it in 140 characters.

5. It is possible to write messages in response to records of friends to Twitter. Guide the cursor at the message on which you want to comment, and click "Reply". Now you can write the reply to the message of the friend and send it to Twitter.

6. You can publish in messages not only the thoughts, but also messages of other users of microblogs which were pleasant to you. For this purpose click on the link "Retweet" under the message which attracted to you, and it will appear on your page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team