How to send the password

How to send the password

As protection of privacy of users on the Internet is carried out generally with use of passwords, the problem of their transfer arises rather often. The one who issues the password should give him to the user, users transfer them each other, and sometimes and to customer services, etc. Modern means of communications allow to do it in many ways.


1. Send the easiest way to someone the password - to send it e-mail. For this purpose it is necessary that also you, and the recipient had the registered account on some paid or free e-mail server (,, etc.). Besides, many Internet service providers provide signed the contract to subscribers in free use with them the account on own e-mail server. Learn the e-mail address of the recipient, come into the account, create the new message, enter in it the password and send to a destination address.

2. There is also other similar option - use the program messenger (ICQ, QIP, Miranda, etc.). Such way increases a little safety of transfer as the message with the password is not stored on mail the server and therefore the probability accidentally "light" it before too inquisitive glances of strangers decreases.

3. If neither you, nor at the recipient have no e-mail and the online messenger, then it is possible to use free services of storage of files - for example,,,, etc. Save the password in the text document and if it is necessary, pack into archive, access to which can be closed the password too, and then upload the file on the selected file hosting service. Upon termination of the procedure you receive the link to downloading which needs to be transferred to the recipient, for example, by the SMS message.

4. However, if you have an opportunity to communicate with the recipient by means of SMS messages, even if only unilaterally, then it even more reliable way of sending the password. Its advantage that from the procedure of transfer there is no trace left neither in your computer, nor in network, nor in the recipient's computer.

5. Sending the password from a form in the web page is implemented by means of the form and input tags. By preparation of the source code of such page in the action attribute of the form tag specify the address of a script which should send the password entered by the visitor, and in the method attribute - a way of sending (get or post). The choice of a way depends on used in the accepting script of a method of reading variables. In the type attribute of the input tag use password value if when entering the password has to be protected "asterisks". If it is not necessary, then it is possible to enter text value. Do not forget to specify also value for the name attribute. In the simplest HTML-code option of a form with the data entry field of the password can look so: <""> <input type= "" password"" name= "" userPass""/> </form> does not have form action= "" of method= "" post the button for sending data Here - it will be carried out on pressing Enter in the data entry field of the password. The address of the accepting script is not specified too therefore the password will be sent to the address of the most this page, so, it should be a script (for example, in the PHP language) and to be able to process the data sent by the post method.

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