How to send the SMS message on the Internet

How to send the SMS message on the Internet

With development of a world wide web and information technologies the many options appeared to save money by means of the different websites and services. On the Internet a large number of the different programs allowing to send SMS from the Internet directly to the phone number of any operator is offered.


1. Make it in the traditional way: send SMS from the website of that mobile operator to which number you send to a tekstovova the message. If you do not know to what network the addressee is connected, gain in a request line of any searcher the first three digits, including digit 9. The Internet will help you to install the operator. Pass on to the website of this operator. Find the reference "Sending SMS Messages Online". Dial number and send your short message.

2. Use services of the different agents intended for a chat communication or correspondences. Those are mails agents, ICQ or SKYPE. Download any the program, convenient for you, and install it on your personal computer. Read the instruction and select the most favorable option of sending messages. Skype perfectly is suitable for sending short messages to the countries of the FSU and beyond. One text message will cost you only 5-10 cents. and ICQ (so-called ICQ) offers free services, but has restriction for sending a certain number of messages in day.

3. Gather in the search string if you have to put in order several SMS for once with one text. Being on the website, select the necessary operator, enter number in the special column, enter the short text message. Enter the offered code of identification and press the Send button.

4. Send SMS not only online, but also from phone. Mobile operators offer tempting rates already today. Contact your mobile operator and learn what package of services can offer you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team