How to send to the guest book

How to send to the guest book

Many websites have so-called guest books - separate pages where any user or the visitor of the website can express the opinion or ask a question. Record in the guest book on the personal page of the user of social network are an opportunity to transfer to the acquaintance hi, having supplemented the message with the beautiful picture.


1. Pass to the page with the guest book and find a form for input of the message. Fill all fields which are contained in it. On the different websites these points can differ, sometimes it is required to enter a name, e-mail, a code word, digits or their combination. Print the message to the respective field.

2. If you want to complement the message with the picture and in the guest book there is an option "Insert a Photo" (for example, on My World service), then click on the link. The separate window "Insert the Picture" will open. Select type of the picture and a way of loading — either from the computer, or from the Internet.

3. If the first type is selected, then click "the Overview...", select the image on the computer and click on the Enter keyboard. Then click the Load button. The image will be loaded.

4. If the second type is selected, then copy the picture address: right-click on it and select in the dropped-out Copy the Link to the Image menu. Open a window with loading on service and in the field near "From the Internet" insert the link Ctrl+V combination. Click "Load". The image will be loaded.

5. If it is necessary to add animation or the image, and there is no option "Insert a Photo", use any of the known photohostings, that is the websites by means of which it is possible to post online pictures, for example, of Pass to the page of the selected service. Remove ticks near the inscriptions "Reduce to..." and "Optimize a Format", in the field "Quality of JPEG" put 100 — it becomes in order that the image was published in an initial size and high quality.

6. Then click "Overview..." or "Select...". Select the necessary image from the folder and click "Open", after that press the Load button. After loading which can take some time select the link at number 6 ("HTML: the picture in the text") if you want other users to see the image in its initial size, or the link at number 7 "HTML: the preview - increase by clicking" that in the message there was a preview.

7. Copy in a clipboard, having clicked the link (it will be illuminated by blue) and having clicked the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut on the keyboard. Insert into the message after the text the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. Click "Send" or "Add" when you make sure that the message is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team