How to set textures for Minecrafte

How to set textures for Minecrafte

Minecraft is loved by many millions of gamers on all planet. A game attracts them not with magnificence of landscapes or richness of paints of the world, but rather relative freedom of action which allocated any user there. At the same time each gamer is capable to change game reality - if sets interesting textures.

It is required to you

  • - pack ice suitable textures
  • - special plug-ins and programs


1. Textures are responsible for appearance of mob, structures, instruments of labor, the natural phenomena and other objects in Minecraft. They represent the certain pictures which are "pasted" to a surface of different objects of game reality. If you do not accept the standard textures which are available in any given "maynkraftovsky" version, change them. Look for ready textural sets on reliable resources or create the on the basis of any default, using for their conversion the graphics editor (at least notorious Photoshop).

2. Select the textures suitable to your version of a game. Sometimes, that recently released textures pack ice perfectly "lay down" on old Minecraft options and vice versa, but similar nevertheless can be considered rare luck. Decide also on the necessary permission of textures. It keeps within range from 16х16 to 512х512 pixels, but still meets also in a HD format. Textures with high definition will be capable to change the world of Minecraft familiar to you to unrecognizability: each object in it will be very realistic and perfectly drawn.

3. If you accept textures 16х16, for their installation you do not need nothing, except their set. Just download archive to yourself on the computer. Start the Minecraft, select in the menu item of "The mode and textures pack ice" or "Sets of textures" - depending on the version of a game. The corresponding button is in the oldest options directly on the main panel. In the appeared window select the necessary folder - and you will see texturepacks. Copy files from archive with the textures which were to the taste to you there. Then return to a gameplay and select in the menu yours of textures pack ice.

4. In the presence at you the new version of Minecraft install textural set with the resolution up to 64х64 the same way. If at you texture permission higher or in general to HD, a proinstalliruyta previously MCPatcher. (In the absence of an opportunity to find it use instead of it modes of OptiFine which, besides, and the performance of a game raises.) MCPatcher is created for use on the Java platform and is suitable for different operating systems - Linux, Windows, OS X.

5. Start installation process of the above-mentioned software product. It is completely automated therefore your intervention in it will not be required. Only at its beginning set the MCPatcher settings necessary to you. When the program is a proinstallirovana, download the package of HD textures which was pleasant to you and install it to yourself in Minecraft thus as it was told above. Now start a game and enjoy the changed appearance of different objects in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team