How to set the certificate of ssl

How to set the certificate of ssl

The certificate under the SSL protocol is used by many websites and servers for safety. This technology is compatible to all main browsers and operating systems. The acquired certificate of SSL is available a type of the text file with the encrypted information which can be recognized only by your server at installation.


1. Copy files of the certificate of SSL on your Apache-server. Find the configuration file for editing which, as a rule, is located at address/etc/httpd and has the conf extension. Open the document in the text editor and check it for existence of the block in which there is a setup of the server. Set the code of the certificate of SSL in each block. Save the file to complete installation.

2. Create CSR request for receiving a private key for the Courier IMAP server. Create the new file which will contain information on a key and the certificate of SSL. At the same time between them there should not be blank lines. Save the document with the pem extension in the necessary directory of the server then restart it that settings became effective.

3. Come into the control panel of the cPanel server and select the section SSL/TLS Manager. Select the Upload a New Certificate item and press the Browse button then specify path to the file of the certificate of SSL. If data of the certificate are presented in the message form on e-mail, then copy this information in the field of Paste the crt below. Press the Upload button. After that pass to the Ca Bundle point and perform similar operations with the intermediate certificate. After that press the Install Certificate button to save settings.

4. Copy the certificate of SSL on Exchange the server. Start the console of management and pass to the section Exchange Management Console. Select the Manage Databases item and open the Server configuration menu. Specify path to yours certificates and click Complete. After that complete operation and reboot the server.

5. Look attentively through the installation instruction of the certificate of SSL on your server depending on its type. As a rule, this information is provided by the seller. Otherwise you can find it in the Internet on the specialized websites.

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