How to specify the module

How to specify the module

Joomla - the content management system of the website in which separate modules are by default displayed only in the positions of pages registered in templates. It is not always convenient - sometimes there is a need to place any given module directly in the text of the page. It can be done, having a little changed one of XML files of the used template, and then having inserted into the text the correct instruction on this module.


1. The templates folder of a root directory of the website contains the directories relating to each of available design templates in the control panel - find among them that which is used now.

2. In this directory find and open the templateDetails.xml file for editing - you should add the additional name of the module which then will be used for its output in material of pages to it. For this purpose find the opening and closing XML tags <positions> and </positions>. Between them place the new name. For example, call the new module by name NewMod_1 and one line above the tag </positions> add such code: <position> of NewMod_1 </position>. Then save the templateDetails.xml file with the made changes.

3. In the panel of administration pass into the section of the installed extensions and make sure that the plug-in "Contents - Loading of the module" from the basic Joomla set is included in material. If it does not appear there, load from the website of vendor and install.

4. In the panel of the administrator open the page of material in which it is necessary to place the module, and to the right place add the text . Here loadposition - the reserved word of a management system of the website, and NewMod_1 - a name which you added in the templateDetails.xml file on the second step. If in a XML file other name of the module is used, enter it instead of NewMod_1.

5. Pass into the section of control of modules and select the name created by you on the second step in the list. In the list of settings include display of the block in pages and set an output position. It is possible that for the correct positioning it is necessary to place a line of the previous step to a separate layer (between the <div> tags and </div>) and to set for it own style of display - it depends on the source code of the used template. The module will appear in material of pages after clicking of the Save button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team