How to spread information on the website

How to spread information on the website

That the website was interesting and useful to visitors, information on it should be always freshen also relevant. At the same time important not only to bring it to the attention of the reader, but also to be able to give competently and beautifully. If the site administrator has experience, it has no problems with information vykladyvaniye, but for the beginner work with the website can represent certain difficulties.


1. To update content of the website, you first of all should be able to use the control panel. At it usually there are editing functions of already existing pages and downloading new files. For editing the page open in the built-in HTML editor.

2. If you have to replace the outdated text new, open the necessary page in the editor and find the text which is subject to replacement. Pay attention to the tags framing it, they define arrangement of the text on the page and its appearance. Without touching tags, accurately select and delete the unnecessary text. Then insert new on its place. Save changes and browse result in the browser.

3. If necessary you can change the size of the text and its color, inserting the corresponding tags. In more detail you can esteem about it here:

4. If you should add the new page, use HTML template used during creation of the website. If you have no such template, take the page, the most similar to that which should be created as a basis. Save it under a new name, then change navigation, having registered correct references for buttons and lines of the menu.

5. Replace the text and images new. This work can be carried out both in the built-in editor, and in external. For example, use the ordinary and convenient editor of CuteHtml. After creation of the new page do not forget to insert links to it on other pages of the website.

6. If you have to work hard with pages of the website, use the Dreamweaver program. This is the visual designer of the websites allowing to change easily and quickly contents of pages, he considerably will facilitate your work. Just download entirely the file of the page and open it in the program. Having finished work, again upload the file to the site, having replaced with it initial.

7. Place all loaded images in the separate folder and register on the page of the link to them. For an insert use references the following code, having replaced the address with the: <Img src= ""http://мой_сайт.ru/image/picture1.jpg"" of Width= "" 200"" Height= "" 150""> the width and height Parameters set image sizes in width and height, you can replace them with necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team