How to strengthen reception of Yota

How to strengthen reception of Yota

The area of a covering at Yota provider is much less, than at cellular operators. The subscriber living on border of a transmitter's range should take measures for increase in the signal level on a modem input.


1. Do not try to connect any amplifiers to the modem. Output power of any wireless equipment including standard 4G (WiMax), it is limited by law. In addition, the amplifier can create out-of-band radiation on harmonics that is also violation.

2. Radio waves at the frequencies applied to data transmission in Yota network are delayed by the objects capable to carry current. In the house which walls are reinforced concrete it makes sense to bring the laptop together with the modem to a window. Even if it does not leave towards the base station, the signal level can increase. It is possible and just to resemble with the laptop about the room - because of existence of interferential maxima and minima of a point with the high level of a signal can be anywhere.

3. It is not always convenient to move the laptop for search of places of consistent reception and if the computer is desktop, especially. The problem will be solved by the extender allowing to carry the modem from USB port on distance to 2.5 meters. It should meet the USB 2.0 specification, otherwise data transmission rate will decrease. Move the modem slowly because update of information on quality of reception happens to a delay.

4. For focusing of superhigh-frequency radio waves it is possible to use the parabolic mirrors similar to that are applied in satellite antennas. The best results provide reflectors from such receiving devices. Place the modem in mirror focus instead of the converter. It is possible to use also substitute reflectors in the form of normal metal Tazy, including, colored. It is impossible to place the modem outside the room as it is not hermetic. It is necessary to place all design directly in the room. The antenna needs to be directed to the closest base station of Yota network. If you do not know where it, pick up the best direction by practical consideration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team