How to strengthen WiFi signal

How to strengthen WiFi signal

Were tired of the low speed of the Internet, but you do not know how to strengthen Wi-Fi signal? Take simple advice on setup and equipment installation to bring closer the speed of the Internet to what is stated by provider.

The low signal is not necessarily connected with malfunctions of network and technical works of provider. Settings and arrangement of the router, electronics working in the house, especially light daisies and microwaves can affect the speed of the Internet. To strengthen Wi-Fi signal the hands, it is enough to follow the following recommendations.

Update the router. Possibilities of the device could become outdated over time, so, indicators of reception and signal transmission will be lower stated by provider.

Change location of the router. The above the device, the stronger a signal will be installed you receive. You should not place the router on a floor, behind the bearing or warmed wall, a metal door or in a far corner from the computer. Try to remove the router far away from an electrocable. At you it will not turn out to strengthen Wi-Fi signal if the aquarium gets in the way to the router, the big mirror, a cabinet with glass regiments or doors, a mirror, and as lighting will be used halogen lamps.

Change the frequency of operation of the router, and you will notice gain of Wi-fi of a signal at once. For this purpose you will select instead of 2.4 GHz frequency in 5 GHz. So you will reduce influence of all electronics on the speed of the Internet. It is especially important if at you the nurse is constantly included by radio, the wireless telephone works, video surveillance is conducted or you often use Bluetooth.

Do not forget about software updating on the computer, the tablet and smartphones. Developers try to improve the performance of devices including during the work with a wireless network.

Repeaters can become the effective Wi-fi amplifier of a signal. For this purpose also routers which you used before can fit. It is enough to update in such router of the antenna and to use it as a repeater.

If at you in the house the router, general with neighbors, is installed, then it is possible to configure Quality of Service (QoS), having exposed a certain priority for traffic. It is relevant if your neighbors streamers, gamers or families with several children. Without prioritization setup they will take away the most part of speed on themselves.

Replace the protocol of network protection with WPA/WPA2 instead of WEP or limit the number of possible gadgets for simultaneous connection. If you have a tick on the Enable SSID Broadcas point in wireless network setups of the router, then it is better to remove it. So you will be able to hide the Wi-Fi. Do not forget to set the password on your network.

Many users also wind with a foil a rear housing of the router and put for it boards from metal objects. In certain cases this way allows to strengthen Wi-Fi signal without any advanced settings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team