"How to submit the declaration of VKontakte"

"How to submit the declaration of VKontakte"

Users of social network "VKontakte" have almost boundless opportunities for communication with other people. It can be useful, for example, at the publication of the declaration which will surely see a great number of other users.

Possibilities of social network

There is no special service for placement of declarations in VKontakte social network. Earlier it existed, however was abolished in connection with a large number of spam and messages from swindlers. Now the VKontakte social network offers users a convenient wall on the personal page for placement of various information, the different systems of dialogs, thematic communities, design of subscriptions and many other things. All this will help you to place the declaration and to make it available for a large number of people.

Publications on a wall


Wall, or the micro blog - the main tool for placement of declarations and other interesting information. In advance make the text of the declaration drawing attention and find one or several suitable images. Place the message on your wall, previously having configured suitable settings of privacy in general settings. You can make so that declarations were seen only by your friends, only users of social network or all Internet users. At the end of the declaration add a request for its repost – sympathetic people can send the copy of record to the wall, pressing the corresponding button that will increase the number of viewings the declaration.


Address to friends

If you have a large number of friends in the contact list, try to create a chat in the system of dialogs and invite in it all or elected "friends" (friends) at once. Send to the selected group your declaration and expect response. It is possible also to ask them to do at itself the same operation that again will add popularity to your declaration.

Publications in communities

Select one or several suitable communities "VKontakte" for the publication of the declaration. Pay attention to the publics which are specially intended for this purpose, in particular to those from them which are most untwisted and are in your city. Before the publication of the declaration study rules of community. Some of them allow to place information only on a certain subject, and some allow to do it only on a paid basis. It is previously best of all to contact the administrator of group and to agree about the publication with him.

You do not send spam at all. It is not necessary to place the declaration in all groups in a row, to litter with it walls of other users and to send it to them through messages. In this case your page will be quickly banned, and it will be already impossible to restore it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team