How to swing heroes

How to swing heroes

The most popular genre for a network game - RPG or massively multiplayer role-playing game - MMORPG. There is a lot of representatives of these genres, but line of passing and a prokachivaniye same. The player selects the character, its class, sets initial parameters, clothes and goes for conquest of the virtual world. Player's purpose: pump over level, for emergence of great opportunities and new forces. Many questions are connected with a prokachivaniye.

It is required to you

  • 1) RPG or MMORPG


1. There is a lot of ways of a prokachivaniye of the hero. Some more successful, others less. Also everything depends on installations of the server on which you play. If you play not on the server, then it is also necessary to consider settings of a game for a prokachivaniye. Different classes characters can also have different abilities to a certain type of a prokachivaniye.

2. Points taking of experience happens at any event which the hero concerns externally. Conversation with characters, purchase of clothes and weapon, murder of enemies, execution of quests. Development of a plot and additional tenches of a game increase your points, therefore, there is a pumping of the hero. If there is an opportunity, then develop the hero's profession. Take collateral tasks, they can lead you to valuable artifacts which finding will increase your level, by several indicators.

3. Kill enemies. For each killed enemy to you a number of points is charged. Of course, at late stages of development it will not bring special effect, but at an early stage it will be good help. Besides killing enemies, you clean the territory, and it can be useful on a further travel.

4. The best way of a prokachivaniye of the hero is execution of quests. When performing tasks many points of experience increase at once, the award, and a possibility of receiving unique resources, for execution of the next quest or a story line is given. If you the beginner in a game, then is better not to take more than two quests, otherwise it is possible not only to get confused, but to spend much more time. But if you well know the card and passed these quests more than once, then it is possible to gather at once more, and having optimized an execution route, to begin to pass tasks. At the correct approach, it is possible to raise on such quests at once several levels.

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