How to swing through the magnet-link

How to swing through the magnet-link

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Magnet-ssylka is practically the same, as the hyperlink, but its difference is that she points to file contents. While the hyperlink indicates a file location. As this way of downloading becomes more popular, we will understand how to swing through the magnet-link.


1. Let's consider all advantages of magnet-links. It is not the file therefore there is nobody to accuse anything of distribution, to grab by a hand. In other words, it is safer to use it, than, for example, torrents.

2. Search of feasts which still call information sources happens in the program by means of the decentralized network – Distributed Hash Table. It means that it is not controlled any server tracker. For magnet-links neither servers, nor trackers are required.

3. It is not necessary to be registered on the tracker, to maintain the rankings, in magnet-links it is not stored any information on you and your personal computer, and in a torrent files by the way – it is stored.

4. Considering all listed above advantages, the most convincing argument is the fact that magnet-links it is possible to open by means of any a torrent client. Even the most popular in the world will approach and widespread uTorrent.

5. Magnet-ssylki on any given files it is possible to insert at forums and the websites in the form of hyperlinks. Users can visit such websites, copy the link and it is easy to download files, without any registration.

6. As magnet-links are based on DHT and exchange of feasts, these functions should be included in the program through which you are going to swing. We will consider how to include these points in the most popular program – uTorrent.

7. Open the uTorrent program, find on top the Setup button, in a drop-down list select the Configuration item. Further you will see the list of settings in the left column, select the BitTorrent item there, then check the following things in the right large window. Ticks should stand on the points "Include DHT Network", "Include DHT for New Torrents". Is even more right there has to be a tick on the Include Exchange of Feasts point. If everything costs correctly, it is possible to close a settings window the Ok button.

8. Further copy the magnet-link, having right-clicked according to it and having selected the Copy item. Be more attentive, usually the magnet-link is such drawing of a magnet, here on it and it is necessary to stick. Then pass into uTorrent and on a top panel find an icon which is shown on the picture. Click on it and insert the magnet-link into the opened window, click "Ok". After the done actions it will be offered to you as well as with simple a torrent file, to specify path for downloading of the file and also the weight of the file and other information. Having selected other parameters begin downloading by means of the magnet-link.

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