How to switch off a pop-up window

How to switch off a pop-up window

Despite continuous improvement of anti-virus software products and replenishment of their databases new records, some viruses and malicious applications nevertheless are capable to get of the computer. If it is about advertizing windows which emerge over all other windows in a system, interfering with work with the PC, it is necessary to delete the files causing their emergence as soon as possible.

It is required to you

  • - web browser;
  • - Dr.Web CureIt program.


1. There are several ways of fight against the pop-up windows opened by actions of a virus. First of all try to solve a problem with the help of the Dr.Web CureIt freeware-program. It is possible to download it from the official website of antivirus software vendors of Dr.Web.

2. Having loaded on the computer and having installed the application, start it. Scanning of the operating system on availability of malicious applications will begin automatically. And should be because many virus banners try to interfere with applications launch of this kind. Have also in mind that it is necessary to start CureIt not in safe, and in a normal operation mode of Windows OS.

3. If viruses it was revealed not, so you need to pick up the code of shutdown of an importunate pop-up window. Go on-line from phone or other computer. Enter in an address bar of the or browser.

4. Further enter the phone number or accounts, specified in the text of a banner then click the Receive the Code button. Will submit you several codes – try to enter them one by one, yet you will not pick up necessary. If the necessary code among provided did not appear, try to find it, having followed the links or

5. If, despite all your efforts, you cannot remove a banner, try to find files of a virus independently. For this purpose start OS in the safe mode – then the virus window will not interfere with search. For this purpose during reset of the PC click F8. When Windows is loaded, find on a system disk system32 folder in the Windows directory.

6. Find then delete all files which have the dll extension and a name terminating on lib, for example, of partlib.dll, hostlib.dll, etc. Having deleted all files suitable under the description, reboot and select the normal mode of loading of OS. After that carry out full scanning of the computer on viruses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team