How to switch off an antivirus

How to switch off an antivirus

At installation of some programs and also when performing singular problems of some applications, it is required to switch off the active antivirus software. Not each user knows as it to make.


1. If you installed Kaspersky's antivirus, then for its shutdown double click on a program icon. In the opened menu of the program go to the Center of Protection tab and click "Setup". Select the section "Key parameters" and deselect the Include Protection checkbox. Click "OK" and the antivirus will be disconnected.

2. For shutdown of an antivirus of Dr.Web right-click on a program icon in the Windows task bar, and choose the Turn Off Self-defense command. The dialog box where it will be offered to you to enter the validation code will appear. Enter the text represented in the drawing and click "Turn Off Self-defense". Now once again right-click on an antivirus icon in a task bar and choose the SpIDer Guard-to disconnect command. In a dialog box enter the validation code and click "Disconnect SpIDER Guard".

3. To disconnect Avast antivirus, in the Windows task bar right-click on the Avast icon, and select one of shutdown options in the Control of Avast Screens point: for a certain time or before reset of the computer. In early versions of the program it is necessary to select the Suspend Work of Provider item.

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