How to switch the speed of the Internet

How to switch the speed of the Internet

Selecting a rate for Internet access, it is necessary to make a compromise between the cost and speed. If one of these indicators ceased suit you, there is a sense to switch speed to the lower or greater side.


1. To learn what rates are available to you, visit the site of provider, call its support desk or look through advertizing materials. Select among the provided data plans such which suits you both on speed, and at cost. It shall be unlimited.

2. If the provider provides service of a personal account, you will be able to switch speed without the address to the consultant. Pass to the official site of provider, select a menu item "Personal account", enter the login and the password provided to you for an entrance to it (these data can be specified in the subscriber contract) then pass into the section "Rates", select wishing and activate it (as to make it, depends on the organization of the interface of the website).

3. In the absence of a personal account call support desk. Tell the consultant that you are going to change a data plan, and tell on what. Tell a surname, the name and a middle name. Then or dictate passport data, or report the code word specified in the contract. Wait for the notification on change of a rate. Check whether really speed switched (i.e., became more or less).

4. It is favorable to some subscribers to get unlimited Internet access at a low speed, only occasionally increasing it. For this purpose a number of providers provides service of temporary switching of speed on higher. Having paid such tariff option, it is possible to adopt or transfer the set data volume at the increased speed then it will return to initial. Enter a personal account under the login and the password then select a menu item under the name "Turboknopka", "Prolong Speed" or similar. Select what data volume you need to load and at what speed then activate an option (as to make it, depends on the organization of the interface of the website). It is possible to order similar service from cellular operators also by means of USSD commands directly from phone keyboard, for example, in MegaFon: *105*906#. Consider that some providers and operators do not postpone ordered on the data volume given to service to the next month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team