How to tame a dragon

How to tame a dragon

Dragons are popular characters of the computer games available also on compact electronic devices. Depending on a plot, they appear the furious monsters destroying everything on the path, wise guards of treasures. In the game Minecraft of a dragon it is possible to tame that will give powerful benefits over other gamers.


1. To tame a dragon, it is necessary to grow up him at first. Install the Dragon Mounts Mod modifier which will add to a game of new dragons. They appear from egg. You will not be able to find this version in one of the worlds. Before you get egg, you need to kill the black winged dragon living in measurement Edge, it Ender.

2. Find a snake by means of Oka Ender. For its receiving destroy several dozen endermen. Their abilities to teleportation give them the chance to appear suddenly behind the back of the hero and to strike crushing blow. Build a cube and destroy the bottom levels, having formed a canopy. High growth of the opponent will play against it, and you gain a victory. When Ender's Eye becomes available, activate it clicking the right mouse button. Follow in that direction where the artifact will depart.

3. Before fight with a dragon stock up with provisions. From arms take a diamond sword, onions with arrows and iron armor. If it is possible, captivate weapon and an armor. Keep in mind that on a snake not all charms work, golems will not bring success too.

4. You do not advance to the attack by the first. After the dragon attacks, aim to it in the head. Put a barrier from stone blocks it will not turn out - it will easily destroy it. It will be most convenient to attack a monster from long distance, using weapon of distant action, for example, snowballs or arrows. Do not forget that on obsidianovy columns there are crystals. Flying by them, the dragon compensates the spent health points. Without elimination of crystals he cannot be killed. Force down crystals snowballs and arrows. Columns it is possible to climb up special ladders and to shoot crystals close.

5. Having destroyed crystals, you with little effort will finish with a dragon. The portal by means of which the hero will be able to come back home will open. Take with yourself egg of the defeated dragon. From it your winged friend will appear.

6. Upon return home find the suitable safe and warm place. Around egg it is possible to place a lava, the ambient high temperature, the quicker your pet will be born. As soon as the dragon is selected from egg, he will go for the hero everywhere. Treat a dragon with a crude small fish more often. An adult dragon - your reliable defender and the magnificent vehicle. For the first time going to flight, surely put on it a saddle. All process of creation of the ally takes a lot of time, but your efforts will be rewarded. Friendship with a dragon will make a game more interesting and brighter and will give to the hero a set of opportunities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team