How to think up a nickname for social networks

How to think up a nickname for social networks

The nickname is a name which the person thinks out to use it on open spaces of a wide area network. On social networks, forums, chats the people are very seldom represented by the real names and surnames, having created themselves an image which best of all corresponds to character, abilities, dreams or desires. Trying to think up a nickname, many face that it is quite difficult to pick up something beautiful and original. To simplify to itself this task, note to yourself several councils for drawing up nicknames.

Creation of a nickname for social networks: recommendations

It is better to use Latin letters as not all social networks and other systems of communication in network allow to apply Cyrillics in a nickname.

It is not necessary to apply special characters. They will not give beauty, but will raise doubts in your intelligence at users of social networks. Besides a nickname it will become bad to be read and it will not be remembered. It is possible to carry to exceptions unless the sign &, connecting words in a long nickname.

It is undesirable to use more than 20 characters. Very long nicknames are badly remembered. Besides, they are not always accepted by systems.

Do not apply a taboo or rough word in a nickname: it will cause rejection of your person in other users. And, above all, on social networks use of such nicknames is forbidden.


How to think up a nickname

The simplest option of a nickname – use of the name. You can alter a little it that on the website it looked more interestingly. For example, instead of a name Evgeny you can write Johnny, John, Jack or Joe, and the name Katerina can be turned into Katharine, Cat. To make a nickname more interesting, and an image - more original and expressive, add a suitable word to the received name: Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack, Johnnie Walker, Indian Joe, Baby Cat or Katharine Shtorm.

Besides, you can read the name upside-down, in different ways rearrange in it letters, delete some syllables or add new. Here it is worth giving an alias of the famous singer Ania Lorac which is a shifter of her name as an example: Carolina.

For certain you have fallen in love characters of books, movies, songs, games, animation, etc. Why not "borrow" a name at your favourite hero and not use it as a nickname? Here the scope for imagination is almost not limited. You can be Pechorin, Gordon Freeman, Mr. Smith or James Bond – select any.

However it must be kept in mind that this character is pleasant not only to you, and therefore the similar nickname can be occupied. Besides, it will it is unlikely be pleasant to you to find out that on social network you have many "namesakes".

If in school and student's days you had a nickname which was pleasant to you, you can use it as a nickname for social networks. You can beat interestingly it, for example: Still water, Desperate Professor, Ginger Devil, etc.

In a word, show imagination - and you will be able to think up a beautiful nickname which will draw public attention to you. You remember: in the virtual world of people meet after all on a nickname...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team