How to think up the login for mail

How to think up the login for mail

The login is the concept meaning your name in a system whether it be e-mail, or the account on any website. Often the person uses the same login in games where he is registered, for a mailbox, and for other services. Other names of the login – a nickname, the invented name, a user name.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access
  • - program browser


1. In the beginning define for what purposes this mailbox for which it is necessary to think up the login will be used. If it is a mailbox for work, it is desirable to use the name and a surname, or to combine with the name of the organization if it does not appear in the name of the server of e-mail. Also quite logically for a working mailbox to enter reliable information about a name and a surname at registration.

2. If you need to think up a name of a mailbox which will be traded on, select one of several ways. First, it is possible to use generators of nicknames which exist on the Internet. There select the desirable length of a nickname and also letter on which it should come to an end or begin. For example, it is possible to use the generator on the websiteof the nickname

3. Remember the hobbies, there can be they will be able to prompt you a component for your login. It is possible to invent the login, based on your preferences in music, art, cinema. Also, if you are fond of learning any languages, it is possible to take any concept which can characterize and translate you it into other language, for example, Greek, or Spanish.

4. To invent the login, use also next mad method. Close eyes, having arranged before themselves the keyboard, be defined how many signs should be in your future login. Bulge fingers of hands, the number of fingers should correspond to quantity of characters in an estimated nickname. Further lower hands on the keyboard and several times execute clicking of different provisions. Such way can bring the result too: if you do not make the login with its help, it can give you on the basis of those characters which at you turned out.

5. Use mirror method to invent the login. If the last ways did not yield the results, write the name or a surname on the sheet of paper and read on the contrary. It can suggest to you an idea too, or use the received word as the login.

6. If you thought up a name for the mailbox and already undergo registration procedure, you will face the following obstacle: the login can be occupied. There are two outputs: add characters to the login (digits, for example, year of birth) or to select other server for e-mail.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team