How to transfer icq to other user

How to transfer icq to other user

In spite of the fact that instructions for use of the ICQ program prohibit transfer of the account to other person, a similar practice rather often meets on the Internet. To transfer icq to other user, you need to perform certain operations.

It is required to you

  • The computer, data of access to icq and mail on which it is registered.


1. If you decided to sell, or to transfer the account in ICQ which is earlier registered by you, you can make it in the unique way. As similar actions are prohibited by rules of a system, at once there is a wish to warn that you should not contact ICQ support for the purpose of its notification on transfer of the account at all. If you make it, the account which you transferred to other user will be blocked. Proceeding from it, everything needs to be done without excess noise.

2. If transfer does not pursue interest in commercial benefit (that is, you donate the account in use), it is enough to you to specify to the recipient number of ICQ and the password for a login to the user interface. Having obtained these data, the user will be able to enter the program and to set the new password. It is worth noticing that you can always restore access to icq, having reset the password. For this purpose it is necessary to make the corresponding request in authorization attempt. If you sell the account, the procedure of transfer will look in a bit different way.

3. Besides that you will have to provide to the recipient number of ICQ and the password for logging into the account, you also should transfer similar data for a login to e-mail on which the ICQ account was registered. In that case you will not be able to restore access to the account any more, guaranteeing to the recipient thereby its full possession of the account.

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