How to transfer meter readings online

How to transfer meter readings online

If you are not lazy, then carry meter readings in clearing house every month. Usually the staff of clearing house asks to bring indications to the 25th, they still need to enter them to the database. And if you are lazy, then pay on average values which can be wrong. At the same time now you can enter meter readings online, it will save you from need somewhere to go and will allow to keep track of correctness of calculation.

It is required to you

  • - password and the login for access to personal account.


1. First of all receive the password and the login for access to personal office of the payer. For this purpose one of those who is registered in the apartment should approach with the passport in the GU IC clearing house. Appeal to the employee of clearing house about providing access to personal account. Within several minutes to you the leaf with data and necessary information will be printed. At the same time you will need to sign consent to personal data processing online. Actually, these data are also meant as meter readings, no personal information is required there.

2. Visit the website specified on the leaf given you in the center of calculations. Find a tab or a menu item ""Personal account"". Enter the login, normally it is the code of the payer at which it is possible to look in the receipts sent you on fee of housing and public utilities. The code of the payer is located on the receipt under the payment period. It is also printed on a leaf with information. Enter the password which to you was generated in clearing house. Specify the district of the city if it is necessary.

3. Having entered a personal account of the payer, you can point data of counters to hot and cold water. It is better to do it in the last dates especially as you have now time to make it prior to the beginning of the next month, but not to hurry to be in time to the 25th. Besides, you can look at the payment and debt receipts for the last periods. You can change the password for more memorable. Moreover, the password is recommended to change everyone few months. If you lose the password, then again contact clearing house behind new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team