How to transfer the big file online

How to transfer the big file online

If you tried to send the video file or archive of the big sizes by e-mail, then you know that e-mail servers do not allow to carry out such task. For transfer online of big files there is other way.


1. The essence of a way is that you need to load the file on one of free file hostings (the place for storage of files) on the Internet, and then to send the file reference by mail, icq or any other convenient way. According to this link the file can be loaded on the addressee's computer. Apparently, the principle simple, but it is important to know where and how to place the file.

2. On the Internet there are several dozen, and even hundreds of file hostings offering services in file allocation. For most of users there will be convenient use of file storages on popular portals of Mail.Ru and Yandex as many already use these mail services.

3. allows to load files up to 1 GB in size and to store them within 3 months. To pass to loading, open the website and enter the profile, having entered a user name and the password. If you have no account on the Mail.Ru portal, follow the link "Registration in Mail", register and log in.

4. Pass into the section This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the address and click "Load the File". Select the file on the computer and click "Open". Wait for completion of loading then click "Receive the link". Copy the received link and send it to the addressee. You will be able to return on this page at any time and again to receive the link to all loaded files from the menu in the left part of the page.

5. Yandex gives the chance to place files up to 5 GB in size on the server and to store them within 3 months. If you use mail or other services from Yandex, then pass to the address and log in the account. If you are not registered in Yandex yet, then execute registration, having opened the link "Get a Mailbox" which is slightly below than a window for input of a user name and the password.

6. Open the section of Yandex the People to the computer address, click "Open" and wait for completion of loading of the file on the server. After loading the link which can be copied and sent by mail or any other convenient way will be offered you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team