How to transfer the DNS server

How to transfer the DNS server

The beautiful, sonorous and well memorable name of the domain can become the main component of success of a resource. Often occurs so that on the domain the online project suddenly finds great popularity. In this case owners of a resource quite often buy more suitable name and transfer the website to other DNS server. But similar process promises loss of an essential part of audience, and it is important to minimize risks.

It is required to you

  • - access to the admin panel of the website, control panel of a hosting,
  • control panels of the new domain;
  • - Internet access;
  • - program ftp-client;
  • - modern browser.


1. Place the notification on the website on the planned transfer. Specify the new domain on which movement of the server and also time and date when the corresponding works are performed will take place. It is necessary to place the notification in advance, before the change of the address. So the bigger number of users will be able to study information on transfer and also you will create time stock which is required for delegation of the new server.

2. Add the server where the website, to the list of domains a hosting account will be transferred. Execute it in the control panel. Thus, on the screen there will be a suitable structure of directories, domain entries will be added to the DNS server, and the domain will become a part of the supported hosts on the http-server.

3. Enter amendments in the list of DNS servers of the domain. Learn what addresses at DNS servers which service domains of the server where the website is installed. Usually similar information is provided on the page of a hoster or in the control panel a hosting account. Log in to the control panel of the domain (it is located on the website of the reseller or registrar). Change the list of the DNS servers. Save changes.

4. Wait for completion of delegation of the domain with the list of new DNS servers. As a rule, change of these root DNS servers of a zone happens each 6-8 hours. Also time for update of the caching DNS servers of your provider will be required.

5. Make sure that access to the server where the website is located, is possible by name the domain and under the HTTP protocol. For this purpose place test HTML file in the root directory of the website and try to make its loading in the browser.

6. Start transfer of the server. Close access to the directories corresponding to old and new domains by means of basic-authorization. Execute shutdown of chron. Create backup copies of files of the website and its databases.

7. Copy all files of the website from the directory that corresponds to the old server and the domain, having connected through SSH. Make amendments to the configuration files CMS. Come into the admin panel and configure necessary configuration settings if it is required. Turn off basic-authorization on the old and new server.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team