How to transfer the file of large volume

How to transfer the file of large volume

Shot the amazing film, made a good shot or all night long verified financial statements? Periodically there is a question of how to transfer the file of large volume when normal mail systems do not cope with such task.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - CD-R;
  • - USB stick;
  • - hard drive.


1. With growth of technologies also volumes of files which we sometimes need to transfer grow. Today there are several ways. The simplest is in the old manner to transfer the file on the CD-R, the USB stick or on the hard drive. A great option when you have no connection to the Internet, but there is slightly more time.

2. If you have an Internet, use service of file exchangers. They are for every taste: with registration and without, the paid and free, having different restrictions on the volume of storage and the size of the transferred files. Simple mechanism: at first you download the file to the server, receive the link which you send then the addressee. He visits at the link to the server and downloads your file. On such exchangers the files are stored still some time therefore they are convenient that your file it is possible to download an unlimited number of times.

3. The similar way, but requiring installations of the additional program is a creation a torrent file. Here everything is simple: create a torrent file by means of the utorrent program, start it at yourself on the computer and send a torrent file to the recipient by mail or via the messenger. It weighs several kilobyte so with its transfer of difficulties will not arise. Important point: the addressee will be able to load the file only if your computer is connected to network. And such transfer does not guarantee privacy.

4. But, perhaps, your file contains confidential information which you are under no circumstances not ready to entrust the server. Then you can use services of services of direct transfer of files. Process of transfer takes place in real time: prepare the file for transfer and, without closing a browser window, send to the receiving end the link (or the code, the password) to the file. Now the receiving end should download it at the received link.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team