How to transfer the file on phone online

How to transfer the file on phone online

There are several ways for sending the file for the cell phone. Everything that is required - it is Internet connection via phone and enough memory on the media for saving the transferred file.


1. Turn on your computer. You will select the necessary file which needs to be transferred on phone on the Internet. Open your electronic mailbox and click the Write the Letter point. It is optional to write the text of the letter. It is enough to specify a message subject that the user who will trample down the file, understood that this letter came from you and does not provide dangers. Further click the Attach the File button.

2. Now on the computer select the file which needs to be attached, and click "Open". Wait some time. Click on "Send the letter". On e-mail servers the file size is limited and cannot exceed 20 MB. Therefore files which weigh more than this restriction will not go.

3. To the person to whom you sent the file, report that the letter is at it on e-mail. The user, in turn, should open the browser, come on e-mail and download the file sent by you. These actions should not cause complexity if on the phone rather free memory to accept the file of a certain size.

4. Still you can use the service providing sending fast messages. QIP, ICQ or Skype quite will approach. To send from the Internet the file to the recipient's phone, it is necessary that on its cellular the program similar to yours was installed, and in phone there was enough memory.

5. Start any application most of which of all is pleasant to you in use. Look, the person to whom you will transfer the file is in network or not. If yes, click the Transfer the File button. You will select the file from your computer, click on it. Thus, you confirm sending the file. Wait until the recipient who is on other end of network agrees to accept the file. When sending begins, consider that it's done.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team