How to transfer the website to a new hosting

How to transfer the website to a new hosting

There is a number of the reasons for which the webmaster is ready to replace a hosting, despite quantity of the administered websites. These are more favorable conditions, the abuzoustoychivy server, fast technical support, etc. Transfer of the websites occupies a considerable part of time therefore it is necessary to treat the matter extremely seriously.

It is required to you

  • - accounts on hostings;
  • - ftp-manager.


1. Of course, if there is an opportunity, it is recommended to use services of technical support: they will help you to transfer the websites absolutely free of charge, however, it is necessary to wait some time. Unfortunately, not each hosting provider can brag of such services.

2. The domain of the transferable website needs to be added to your account on a new hosting. For this purpose pass into the web panel and in the section "Domains" select the option "Add" or "Bind" (for each hosting of the name can be different). Then it is necessary to change or enter names of dns-servers, usually they have the following appearance:,, etc.

3. A cache of the dns-addresses several hours will change. Not to spend time in vain, prepare archive of files of your website and also the database. Some hosters have special purpose tools, for example, the ftp-client who is built in the control panel. This option will allow to copy the necessary files several times quicker, than the local client loaded from the Internet.

4. For copying it is possible to use any ftp-client in whose settings it is necessary to specify the login, the password and the IP address of connection. After connection select the directory in which there is your website, and copy all its contents on the hard drive. It is recommended for each website on the winchester to create the directory of the same name.

5. Now it is necessary to copy the MySQL database on your computer. For this purpose in the web panel select the section "Databases" and click on the PhpMyAdmin point. On the loaded page pay attention to the left column — names of all databases contain here. Select necessary, having clicked on it. In the right part select the Export tab and press the OK button.

6. On a new hosting it is necessary to create the new database and to make import of the file from your hard drive. For the fast solution of this question "The database wizard of MySQL" is better to use a special purpose tool. From you it will be required to enter a name of the created database and the password which can be generated in a random way. In the open database pass to the Import tab and open the file from the hard drive.

7. It was necessary only to copy files of the website on a new hosting. For this purpose use the same ftp-client. Several hours later your website will become available and will be displayed in all browsers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team