How to translate in the Opera

How to translate in the Opera

Carrying out web surfing, it is possible to face information which is on the foreign website. Quite often on such websites there is no switch of languages. In this case you need Google Translator which can be built in the Opera browser.


1. Create a recovery point. Pass into the Start menu and enter into the search string "Recovery point". Click "Creation of a recovery point". In the appeared dialog box click "Configure". Select "Restore parameters of a system and the previous versions of files". Click "Apply" and OK. Further click on "Create". Enter a name of a recovery point and wait for completion of operation. It is necessary in case your actions will be resulted by any malfunctions.

2. Pass to Google Translator address. After that click on the link "Translator of the Websites". Pass into the section "You Translate the Text by means of the Browser Toolbar Button". Select a language pair which is necessary to you then click on the link and drag it on the browser panel. If the button on it did not appear, pass to the following step.

3. Click a language pair necessary to you the right mouse button then select "Copy the link". Create the new text file and copy the link in it. Save the text with the .js extension. Surely specify in the name a language pair, for example, of EnRu.

4. In the Opera browser open the menu of settings and pass into In the addition menu. Click the Contents point, further – "JavaSctipt Parameters". Before you path to the user files will open. Open the folder in which they are located then copy in it the file created by you in the previous step.

5. Restart the browser. Enter in an address bar of javascript: filename, where filename – a name of the file created by you. Drag the appeared icon on the panel by means of a mouse. Now you can translate the whole websites one click of a mouse.

6. Keep in mind that this type of the translation will not give you ideal value of the website. The translator can confuse different values of one word and because of it it is wrong to translate. For deeper translation use specialized websites, for example, MultiTran service.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team