How to turn off blocking of the websites

How to turn off blocking of the websites

When using the Internet in a workplace you can face blocking of the websites which for any reasons are closed by the proxy server. In this case you can use one of several easy ways.


1. The most popular way is use of service of anonymizers. The essence of work of this service is that data before sending for your computer at first pass through the proxy server. By means of this way you will be able not only to visit the blocked websites, but also to encrypt the addresses which you visited in such a way that when viewing dens only the fact that you visited the anonymizer site will be known. Let's consider its use on the example of On the homepage find an address bar then enter in it the address necessary to you and click "pass".

2. You can also use such option as the Opera mini browser. It differs from the last way in the fact that during passing via the proxy server information contracts, losing up to eighty percent from initial weight. Convenience of this way is that there is no need to pass to any Internet address, it is enough to load the browser from the website Keep in mind that initially this browser was intended for use on mobile phones therefore previously download and install java the emulator. Having started the browser, enter into address Straka the website necessary to you then press the pass button.

3. Ideal option for viewing the single web pages blocked by your proxy server is use of a cache of Google or any other search engine. Visit the homepage of the searcher then enter the website necessary to you into the search string. Click "search" then deploy the website necessary to you in results. Click on the link "Look at the Saved Copy". After that you will be redirected on the page with the copy of your page saved in a cache of the searcher.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team