How to turn off mailings of

How to turn off mailings of

Almost daily letters mailings get to electronic mailboxes. Some come as the announcement from the familiar website, others contain spam. It is possible to protect himself from importunate unnecessary information, having refused mailing.


1. It is originally necessary to define whether mailing is spam or it is received from a familiar source.

2. By means of spam mailings in an electronic mailbox, so, and the personal computer, virus programs, programs hackers, programs spies or just unnecessary advertizing of different character can get. If you are sure that the received letter is spam, then it is not recommended to open it. It should be noted it (to check a window near letter heading) and to click on the It Is Spam button. The administration of the website will obtain information about spam mailing, and the letter will disappear from the Entering folder. But, if you spread information with the address of the electronic mailbox on the unprotected pages on the Internet, then, perhaps, it will lead to repeated emergence spam letters in your box.

3. If the letter is received from a reliable source, but you want to cancel this subscription, it is necessary to click on an active hyperlink in the text of the letter "Unsubscribe". Often it is enough that letters from this website did not come to your address any more. In certain cases the text of the letter mailing does not contain a phrase "If you want to unsubscribe …". Then it is necessary to pass to the website from which this letter is received. Become authorized in "Personal account" and remove "tick" from the option "Yes, I Want to Receive Mailing about …". If there is no this mention in "Personal account", it is necessary to contact administration of the website with a request to exclude itself from the list of the addresses on mailing. If, despite the above actions, undesirable letters continue to arrive on your e-mail address, it is necessary to come in settings of a box into the Black list tab and to specify there a source from which letters arrive.

4. If the letter mailing is received from your supplier of electronic mail services, then directly it is necessary to find a phrase in the text of the next letter "Unsubscribe", click on a hyperlink and, having confirmed the failure, be sure that similar letters will not come to your electronic mailbox any more.

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