How to turn on Yandex. Bar

How to turn on Yandex. Bar

Yandex. The bar is a special panel in the browser which includes different tools. It reduces search time of useful information on the Internet, allows to get quick access to different resources. If Yandex. The bar stopped working in the browser, it is necessary to include or load it new.


1. If on your personal computer Yandex panel is installed. Bar, but for any reasons it does not work, it is necessary to check advanced settings for your Internet observer. In the menu of the Firefox or Mozilla browser select the Tools tab, then the line "Additions". The window will open, find in it the section under the name "Expansions". In the opened list select addition "Yandex. Bar" also activate it, having clicked "Include". Reboot your browser. In the observer of Internet Explorer it is possible to configure additions, having opened a tab "Service", then the Setup point.

2. Turn on Yandex. Bar. If the toolbar is absent, guide the mouse cursor at the panel of the browser and right-click it. The context menu will open. Select a checkbox near point "Yandex. Bar". This procedure can be done in a different way. In the menu open the View tab, then select the line "Toolbar" and check whether the checkbox at point "is selected by Yandex. Bar".

3. It is easy to install settings in different browsers, using the same principle. Select the necessary version for your observer. Be connected to the Internet and open the homepage of Yandex. In the upper left corner the link under the name "is located Install Yandex. Bar", click it. If this line is not visible, then in a search string enter the website address - the list of application versions will open. Select that which is necessary for your observer.

4. Automatic installation of the application for your browser will begin. Wait until installation process ends. After that restart it.

5. Load Yandex. Bar it is possible, using the following links. For different browsers they will look differently: for Firefox - For Opera - For Internet Explorer it is In data center of pages there is a button "Install Yandex. Bar". Click it for the subsequent installation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team