How to unblock a dating site

How to unblock a dating site

Blocking of the account on a dating site can happen because of violations of conditions of a forum, failures in activity of a web resource, inactivity on service, etc. There are different ways to try to unblock a profile.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access


1. If you blocked the page any time ago, then for its unblocking enter the login and the password.

2. If blocking of the account happened without your participation, find a contact information of support desk on the web portal. Provide them the following information about yourself: a nickname, date of registration, e-mail, specify the access closing reason (if it is known to you).

3. If your account was blocked because of violations of the rules of the website, try to convince that it is more of similar you do not allow administration. Be correct. Perhaps, on the first time you will be forgiven, and you will manage to achieve an account unblocking.

4. At assumption of numerous errors in the course of introduction of the password or the login, the system can also block your account on a dating site. Such measure is carried out with the purpose to secure your profile. To solve this problem, use the button of reset and password recovery. Specify a code word or confirm actions by means of a sms. Sometimes it is necessary to call or write to support desk.

5. Happens that the account on a dating site is blocked by a virus. On the screen there is a banner notifying on need of replenishment by some sum of a certain account number or phone, then as swindlers assure, all your problems will be resolved by itself. It is necessary to ignore messages of this sort. To delete a harmful element it is possible to use the AVZ utility.

6. Try to recover the password, having used the relevant service of the website. The address of your e-mail and the login should be known to you. Also you should have access to an e-mail which address was specified at registration. So on e-mail to you the letter will come with other password. If your profile is blocked by administration of a dating site, this way will not help. Contact the administrator of a resource.

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