How to untwist the website

How to untwist the website

If you decided to create the website, it is insufficiently simple to develop its pages, to issue them according to your taste and to publish the website on the Internet. The most important stage of creation of the website is its promotion — if not to pay attention to its distribution to networks, the website will not be popular. If to make promotion competently, the website will quickly gather captive audience of visitors and will bring you popularity and income.


1. First of all, you should achieve that the website appeared in bases of the most popular search engines — in particular it concerns Yandex search engine. How to optimize the website by own forces without additional financial expenses? For a start define what search queries should conduct on your website — create the list of keywords which correspond to subject of the website and its contents.

2. By means of study formulations of search queries in response to which users receive results with your keywords. Analyze the websites of competitors — look what strategy of promotion owners of other websites of your subject use. Analyze also target audience of the website.

3. Carefully think over the purposes of advance of the website — it will also influence creation of new keywords and the strategy of promotion. For the majority of the websites the purpose of promotion is increase in attendance of the website and its popularity, earnings of money on publications of advertizing, involvement of sponsors, search efficiency of the website.

4. Search SEO optimization is important in promotion of the website — master to her technician that search robots quickly and qualitatively traced pages of your website and placed them on advantageous positions. In headings of pages always place keywords by which they can be found and also try to place key phrases in the text, so that they were organically combined with the text of the publication. There are enough 4-5% of keywords of all volume of the publication. Do the texts which you post on the website, laconic, capacious and interesting.

5. The design of the website is important for search engine optimization — do it clear, stylish and simple. The reader should not feel discomfort, seeking to understand what is written by too small or too large text on the page with a motley background. The strict and laconic design will create image to your website and will show your professionalism. Remember that in order that the website found the true popularity, all its content should be unique. It should not have analogs — never copy someone else's materials and do not insert them to yourself on the page.

6. If you after all want to copy someone else's article, write deep rewriting, processing the original text in a new way. Increase authoritativeness of the website — increase its TIC and PR. Exchange links with the resources having high reputation in network and corresponding to your subject.

7. And at last, you aspire to that your website always was relevant and that on it content was regularly updated. It has to be interesting to people to read your materials — otherwise the website will be abandoned. Register it in open directories, you share information at forums and on social networks.

8. Make so that learned as much as possible people about your website, having competently and consciously described the website which should be completely ready by the time of promotion. Never spread in network materials which are posted on the website which development is not completed yet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team