How to untwist the website articles

How to untwist the website articles

Word, in particular, article – the main form of information transmitted by means of the websites. They can contain useful tips in any given area (a profession, needlework, construction …), news or something else. But it is impossible to untwist the website articles, without going beyond its limits.


1. The subject of articles should be interesting to a wide range of readers. Certainly, you will not please all, but, for example, if you devote the website to cultivation of small fishes, take up all questions – from the choice of an aquarium to means against a black beard.

2. At the same time the subject should not disperse. Returning to a subject of small fishes, do not write articles about fishing though the subject, of course, in something is close. You should not spray forces, and the new subject or completely will block initial, or will disappear. As a result any of them will not attract readers on your resource.

3. Check, the subject discussed by you is how popular. On a number of search engines statistics of the requests entered by users is kept. If the subject interesting to you, is already searched other users, safely write on it – you will have readers.

4. Write unique articles, but do not copy. Search bots ignore the resources copying information from other websites. Rewrite article by the own words, replace words with synonyms, change words order in the sentence.
However, it is not necessary to do it independently: the exchanges of copyrightingovy and rerightingovy articles offer unique content at the low prices. Register on one of them and look for the performer.

5. Be registered on third-party resources under a name of the website. In blogs copy articles from the main website, leave links to it.
Copying is optional also here: you can change a little article, having replaced several words. Cipher links in pictures, words, buttons.

6. On third-party resources leave comments in someone else's blogs. At the same time unostentatiously invite in the Internet space or just cause on a personal dialog. The first readers of your website require individual approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team