How to untwist the website in network

How to untwist the website in network

Net surfing becomes more and more popular type of earnings for constant "inhabitants" of the Internet. Really, why and not to combine business with pleasure. Own website – the same that private enterprise or the organization providing goods or services. Let's say that you owner of online store. Sales of the website will depend directly on that, how well your website will be untwisted in network. Here several councils on this subject.

It is required to you

  • You will be needs the own website and time.


1. At first you need to learn what place in the rating of search engines your website takes today. Now two most popular searchers - Yandex and Google are known. Enter the name of your Internet-shop in a search string, and you will see its real location. Now you need to raise the rating of the website so that it got to the first five lines of search rating.

2. Look what websites hold the top places of rating already now. Come to these addresses, study the strategy of their development and advance, than they attract visitors what services and services offer them. Use this positive experience, apply this information to the resource.

3. By all means register the online store in the most popular directories. Usually this procedure takes a lot of time, but, brings big benefit.

4. Place information and advertisements on popular boards, forms, blogs. Do not forget them to update.

5. Register on the websites of social networks, organize the theme group and do regular advertizing mailings. Attendance of social networks huge, and such way of advance will be effective.

6. Surely exchange banners and links with the most popular websites of your subject. In this case the quality is better than quantity. The main thing that these websites were well visited and with solid reputation.

7. Surely use one of the most effective ways of promotion - redirectny links.

8. After a while double-check what now the place is taken by your website in network. If you well tried – it will surely rise to the high place, and will bring you moral and material satisfaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team