How to untwist the website in Yandex

How to untwist the website in Yandex

Today the Internet - the most popular environment for promotion of goods and services. The dynamism, interactivity and exact targeting provide conversion which did not dream in classical media advertizing. The coverage of audience is reached due to use of the websites - advertizing sites. Most of visitors gets on the websites from search engines. The main search engine in RuNet - Yandex. Therefore also the large businessmen having million budgets on seo-advance, and pupils of middle school, online-designers of free hostings who only mastered, are tormented with the same question: how to untwist the website in Yandex. And, it is necessary to tell, not for nothing.

It is required to you

  • Web browser, Internet access. Optionally: money, time, readiness to spend the best years of life for studying seo.


1. Study data domain. Read I. Ashmanov and A. Ivanov's book ""Advance of the website in search engines"". Read the guide ""SEO from And to I"" available for loading to the link Register at the largest forum about search engines of Read new subjects in the section of search engines, go deep into reading old subjects. Pay special attention to the section of the search engine Yandex. Read personal blogs by participants of a forum. Select among them the most informative.

2. Carry out internal optimization of the website. Be the semantic center. Make lists of requests to which each page of the website responds. Expand a semantic kernel by the analysis of coherent requests through services of pages of the website. Put links from the text of articles to other articles. Do by anchors of links the text describing material on which the link conducts.

3. Think over and implement the strategy of advance at the expense of external factors. If you have a good budget, purchase of links at the reference exchanges, the order of writing, reproduction and placement of thematic articles on related resources, the order of placement of announcements and point-policemen in blogs, purchase of links in news feeds can be a component of strategy. If the budget is absent, then it is worth thinking of creation of virus content, articles - information bombs, manual link exchange, dissemination of information on the website on social networks. All this promotes growth of natural reference weight.

4. Order seo-consultations from professionals. The professional optimizer can reveal the problems connected with the internal factors of the website influencing its ranging in search engines. The good specialist will also make recommendations about their elimination.

5. Adjust monitoring of results of actions for promotion of the website in Yandex. Trace website positions in delivery on the main requests. Conduct change history. Analyze effect of purchase of links and carrying out advertizing campaigns.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team