How to update Google the planet

How to update Google the planet

Google Earth (Google Mother Earth) is a free program from the Google company which gives the chance of the overview of three-dimensional model of Earth with satellite photos, maps, site plans and 3D images of buildings. The company periodically releases upgraded version of the program, correcting errors and adding new features.

It is required to you

  • - desktop computer / laptop / netbook
  • - the installed Google Earth program (Google Mother Earth)
  • - connection to the Internet


1. It is rather simple to update the program to the current fresh version. It is necessary to start Google Earth (Google Mother Earth), then to select a menu item "Help" and the subparagraph "Check existence of updates in the Internet". The program will install upgraded version or will give the report "Now updates are unavailable" which means that there is no newer version of the program at the moment.

2. Also you can independently load the new version from the website and install upgraded version of the program.

3. At emergence of any problems at installation of the fresh version of the Google Mother Earth by means of the Program of updates of Google it is possible to load the latest version of the Google Mother Earth, having followed directly the links:

Google Earth (Google Mother Earth) for the PC:
Google Earth (Google Mother Earth) for Mac:

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