How to update the Internet program

How to update the Internet program

Regular update of programs – guarantee of safety and the best performance of your computer. As a rule, the latests version of any software the most advanced corrected and finished. Therefore try to monitor an output of updates of the programs which are available on your computer. Especially it concerns the means which are used for work on the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - computer or laptop;
  • - Internet access.


1. Will help protect the computer and information in it timely software updates, in particular, of browsers of antiviruses and Internet messengers. New versions of programs appear regularly. Even the beginning user will be able to perform their update.

2. And now is more detailed about some most often used programs. The Google Chrome browser is one of the cleverest and fast observers. But, despite all its pluses, it needs also update. For this purpose turn into settings, having clicked on the icon of a wrench, and select the About the Google Chrome Browser item. After that the new window in which the version of Google Chrome used at present will be specified will open. By default at emergence of the new version of the observer the window with the notification, having read which, appears the user himself can make the decision - to update or not to update the browser. If you are going to use the latest modification of the program, come into "Settings" and select the Update button. Confirm the solution and restart the program. If you do not want to update the program yet, click "Not Now", thereby having postponed process until next run of the program or until you use update manually.

3. To learn the version of Mozilla Firefox, start the browser and on the working panel select the Help item and pass to the section "About Firefox". In a new window the message about the used assembly of the program will appear. If this version not the last, you are able to change it at any time. However it is the best of all to use the settings performing automatic update that will allow not to worry for safety of your computer and stored on it and in network of information.

4. Also other observers are similarly updated. Besides, in their settings it is possible to set parameters, necessary for update.

5. Mail.Ru the Agent – one of the most popular Internet pagers which allows to be aware of the events happening in most social networks. To be always in touch, it is enough to you to connect profiles of the websites then you will be able to correspond with friends, without coming into the account in network. To check the version of used "Agent", start a pager and select the Menu button in a window. Click it and select the About the Program item. On the new page you will be able to browse what modification "Agent" is installed at you at present. Details about the program, its opportunities and advantage it is possible to learn on the official Agent page Mail.Ru. Here you will be able to download the latest development of the program if so far it at you was not installed automatically yet.

6. One more useful program for users of torrent trackers - µTorrent – also needs update. It is rather simple to make it: click on the Help button and select the Check Update item. It is possible to check the version in the Help menu. But for this purpose the option "About the Program" is required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team