How to upload the file on a host

How to upload the file on a host

For the organization of access to files on the Internet different protocols which, proceeding from storage location, can be divided into two groups can be used. One of them (peer-to-peer or P2P) assumes that files remain to get in the computer of their owner where everyone sends requests to them access through the corresponding software. Other group requires file allocations on Internet servers. The second method is used very often, as does very topical an issue of filling of files on the server.


1. Use the manager of files placed on the server if you have a website. Such manager is built in practically all management systems of the websites and does not require use of the additional software. For example, in the UCOZ system control panel the required reference and is called - "File manager". Click on it, then press the Browse button to open common dialog of search of the necessary file in your computer. Having found, select it and click on the Load button then scripts of a management system will begin process of copying of the file of your computer on the server. The similar manager of files contain also control panels of the hosting companies.

2. Use any FTP-client as an alternative to the manager of files. It is the resident program which carries out copying of files between a hosting of the website and your computer. Having started it, you will see the interface similar to the standard Conductor - two panels in one of which there is a tree of folders of your computer, and in another - the Web server. Procedure of uploading of files in the selected folder on the server of a hosting is extremely simple - to drag enough selected object from one panel in another. It is possible to drag files and from a desktop or from a window of the Conductor. However before starting upload procedure it is necessary to add to the program information on the hosting server - its address, the login and the password for connection.

3. Load the file on the server of service of filesharing if you have no website or there is no desire to use it for this purpose. This option does not require any additional programs too, operation comes down to filling of the corresponding forms on pages of the website of the selected service. After the end of a procedure at your disposal there will be a http-link to the loaded file.

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