How to upload the file on the website

How to upload the file on the website

Internet users often should post online certain information. It can be different declarations on the websites, articles, reviews, etc. For this purpose it is necessary to be able to upload files to the site. It can be done by means of the FTP client or by means of the browser. In this article the second option of downloading files to the website will be in detail considered. For successful loading of the file you need to know the login, the password and the address of the FTP server. Your hoster on whom the website is located should report these data.

It is required to you

  • You need connection with the Internet, and also the login, the password and the address of the FTP server.


1. Open the browser. Register the direct reference for connection to the FTP server in an address bar: ftp://login: parol@adresftpservera. The login and the password are separated ":". After the password before serversthe address ftp- it is written a sample digit "@". At the very beginning of the link prescribe "ftp://" that the browser was sure that file transfer will be under the FTP protocol, but not on HTTP. Spaces should not be in exile.
Click "transition". There will be a connection with the server. If data were right, you will see the field with files. It the FTP server where you and need to add the files opened.

2. Now just drag your files from the computer in an open window of ftp-connection. Process of copying of files will begin. It is possible to copy both according to one file, and on some.

3. After completion of copying the file will be on the server. To check it, open the website in the browser and add to it to an address bar path to your file. It is possible to learn path to your file at its loading on the server. If you copied the file in a root disk, just add after the / icon to the domain a name of the file gone on the server. If the file opened (the picture or a HTML page) or the request for downloading (archive or the program) appeared it means that the file is correctly uploaded on the FTP server.
If it is necessary to copy the file from one FTP server on another, it is necessary to fill in at first it on the computer, and then on that server which is necessary to you. It occurs because not all FTP servers support copying from other servers directly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team