How to use Kay

How to use Kay

The Key Collector program represents an automated system of the analysis of keywords. It can be used both by optimizers and prodvizhenets of the websites, and project managers and customers of final services. Key Collector allows to save time during the work with keywords and to collect data for the analysis of a semantic kernel.

It is required to you

  • - Key Collector;
  • - Internet access.


1. Download the Key Collector program. It should be noted that this application is paid, however it costs the money spent for it. It is possible to get it on the different specialized websites or in online stores. At the same time in advance make sure of reliability and decency of a source. Install the program on the computer and appear to use.

2. Check whether the subject of your resource is tied to geographic location. For this purpose open the section "Regions" and expose necessary parameters of check.

3. Make the list of keywords and phrases. Pass into the section "Keywords" and press the Add button. The window for input of basic data will appear. After all words are specified press the Add to the Table button. As a result you obtain information on rate of use of any given combinations on the website, about arrangement of the website in positions of delivery and about relevant pages on Google or Yandex.

4. Press the Package Parsing with Yandex.Wordstat button to set phrases and words for statistics. Register several phrases in the opened window then press the Parse button. After that the program needs some time for processing of process and data collection. As a result you receive statistics for forming of a semantic kernel of your website. Eliminate dummy phrases which have the wrong formulations or are requested only several times a month.

5. Learn exact rate of key phrases. For this purpose press the Parsing of Rates Vordstat for the Available Key Phrases button. Select item "Specify rates "!". Thus, you will be able to eliminate those phrases which are practically not requested and to learn a real picture of demonstrations.

6. Specify correctness of word forms. Press the Check of Correctness of a Word Order button which displays statistics on the basis of search hints. As a result you receive specific answers "Yes" or "No".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team