How to use SkyDrive from Microsoft

How to use SkyDrive from Microsoft

The SkyDrive service which is carrying out cloud data storage was for the first time presented by the Microsoft company in 2007. Since then the technology was improved, anyone can use the service now given.


The SkyDrive service created by Microsoft allows the user to store up to 7 GB of the most various information. It can be text files, images, video, etc. The convenience of service is that you have an opportunity of access to the files from any place as they are stored not on your computer, and in storage of service.

To begin to work with service, you need to register in it. Visit the website SkyDrive, in the lower right part of the page there is the corresponding link. Pass on it, the registration form will open. Enter the data, in the Name of the Account of Microsoft field enter the e-mail postal address. Select a way of password recovery – by phone or through a confidential question. Enter I smoke (the protective code), click registration. Will report to you that it is necessary to confirm registration, for this purpose enter the mailbox specified at registration, the letter is sent you to it. Having confirmed registration, you will get on the SkyDrive homepage.


It is very simple to use service of cloud data storage. For example, you want to save the photo. Select one their the provided folders, then click the Send button in the top part of the page. After that find in the opened window at yourself on the computer the necessary photo, it will be loaded into storage. You will be able always to view the loaded files even from someone else's computer, having come under the credentials. Also you can create any folders necessary to you, the option of preview of files is available.

You can make your files available for the general viewing, for this purpose click the loaded file with the right mouse button and select the General Access item in the opened context menu. In a new window you will be able to configure access to the selected addressees. Service possesses a set of other convenient functions – for example, allows to edit documents directly in the browser.

The SkyDrive service is very comfortable, but it is necessary to understand that your files are stored on someone else's server, therefore, are potentially available to strangers. Therefore it is not necessary to keep confidential data which leakage can have for you unpleasant consequences in storage of service.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team