How to use the router

How to use the router

Buying the wireless router, some users cannot understand how to use it it is correct, at the same time wishing to use the router as access point. If you want the router only to play an access point role, you need to know some features of such point – for example, the fact that the router does not support regime of the client. Using the router, you receive the simple mode of access point which has no additional network addresses, and to which several wireless clients can be connected.


1. Configure wireless connection between the computer and the router, but at the same time do not connect the router to external network. In the following step in settings of the router switch-off the DHCP server – without this action you will not be able to connect to cableprovider of the Internetthe router.

2. After that configure the account of the administrator – specify the password to the account which will be difficult to be cracked to malefactors.

3. Now change the internal address of the router, having thought up any combination of numbers which will not match the available network addresses, and not getting to the range of the working IP addresses of your provider. Write the thought-up address and hide to the reliable place not to lose.

4. Insert an Internet cable of provider into one of LAN ports of the router, and then specify your network attributes in settings of the wireless card. If your network considers a binding of the MAC addresses, specify also the MAC address of your card, having learned it in technical support of provider.

5. Do not forget that every time at reset of settings of the router you should disconnect a cable of provider. Install it back only after recovery of all settings and shutdown of the DHCP server.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team