"How to visit the page if you do not remember the password"

"How to visit the page if you do not remember the password"

The competent user creates at registration on the websites only difficult passwords. But the password is more difficult, the it is easier to forget it. If it happened, use a special form of recovery.


1. Pass on available on website to the link carrying the name "Forgot the Password?" or similar.

2. Enter the login, either electronicthe address mails, or their combination (depending on the website). If necessary, enter also a kaptcha.

3. Press the continuation button (on the different websites this button can be called differently).

4. Wait for loading of the page saying that the message for password recovery is sent in your electronic mailbox. If it turns out that you entered something, for example, to a kaptch, incorrectly, repeat operation.

5. Come into the electronic mailbox and check whether the message came. If it is absent, wait some time which can be from several minutes to several days. Periodically reboot the page.

6. Do not forget to check and the folder of a mailbox intended for suspicious messages (spam) - the message for password recovery can appear and there.

7. After obtaining the message your further actions depends on its contents. If there the new password contains, enter on the website, using it, and then immediately replace with another, also difficult. This time well remember it. If in the message the reference is contained, pass according to it. Think up the new difficult password, enter it (if necessary - two times). In the presence of a kaptcha enter also it. Then click, intended for saving information.

8. To check whether well you remembered the new password, leave from the website and again enter on it. For storing of the password try to use different mnemonic technicians. For example, the password zcprgT can be remembered as "hares jump high" (the word "highly" here means that the last letter of the password - a capital letter).

9. Remember that even the difficult password is useless if to treat ensuring its safety carelessly. You do not store it in the files located on local disks of the computer on the papers available to your colleagues. Set the difficult password not only on the websites which you use, but also in a mailbox. As the answer to a control question for restoring the password of a mailbox enter chaotic character set.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team