How to vote online

How to vote online

Now competitions which are held in the Internet are very widespread. These are beauty contests, competitions on the best photo, practically any competition can be held, being based only on an internet voting. Of course, there are systems by means of which it is possible "to wind" voices, but it is very easy to trace these ways to the strange IP addresses. To vote online for the friends or just familiar, it is enough to perform several simple operations.


1. First of all, find out whether it is necessary to be registered on the website for vote and whether the verifications voting to undergo the procedure owe.

2. To register on the website for vote, register, using a special form. Enter the real name and a surname – it is useful to confirm that your voice real. Fill out all necessary graphs, including the e-mail address and the mobile phone if it is required.

3. Confirm existence of your e-mail, having followed the link which will come to you to a box for registration confirmation. If also verification on mobile phone number is necessary, confirm registration, or having sent response SMS, or having entered the code which came to you to SMS to the special field.

4. Visit the website, using the login and the password. Pass to the page of a competition and browse applicants. If you were registered with a certain intention to help the acquaintance, vote for it if you just decided to vote, then select the pleasant applicant and vote for it, having pressed the special button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team