How to watch the movie at a small speed

How to watch the movie at a small speed

On the Internet there is a large number of the services giving an opportunity of viewing video online. Comfortable viewing requires at least average rate of connection, however and otherwise all of you can equally watch the movie, using one of several easy ways.


1. Quite often the abundance of the programs using connection to network at present of time is the reason of low speed. In this case it is necessary to disconnect all applications for which the Internet is necessary. Disconnect download managers and a torrent clients even if in them there are no active loadings. Also for the period of viewing disconnect an antivirus and other applications which can download updates. Check their shutdown by means of a task manager. Open a tab of processes and complete those which belong to the closed applications. Also close all active tabs except that on which there is a movie, and do not open them before the end of viewing.

2. When viewing the movie online most often you have an opportunity to select quality of video. Select that quality which is the smallest — in this case the size of the loaded video will decrease and , respectively, the speed of loading of rather general duration of the movie will increase. If speed all the same is insufficient, press the play (pause) button and wait so far the band of loading will not be the same length as well as movie duration. After that you will be able to start and watch the movie.

3. You can also download the movie for viewing on the computer. The most widespread ways for this purpose are use of additions for the browser and use of Internet services of downloading of flash video. In the first case you need to pass to the official website of your browser and to find additions which will allow you to download the movie from the website necessary to you. After installation of addition reboot the browser.

4. In  the second case you will need to visit the website for downloading of video then to enter the link in the respective field and to click "Download". You will be redirected on the page with the direct reference on the movie. Save it on the computer. Keep in mind that for viewing you will need the special player. GOM Player is considered the most widespread. Download it from the official site and establish then you will be able to watch flash video on the computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team