How to win an internet voting

How to win an internet voting

On the Internet there is a huge number of online competitions, participating in which you can win different prizes. It is quite possible to win such votes.


1. First of all, any competition should have a set of rules in which conditions of participation, a victory and delivery of prizes and also the mechanism of assessment of winners by counting of votes are accurately painted. The lack of this information already should suggest an idea you that this competition is not honest, in this case the organization which suits it, is free from any obligations and can independently add the necessary number of votes to any person.

2. If conditions are, carefully follow them. You should not wind voices by means of vote on behalf of nonexistent people, izmeneny the IP addresses – it can lead to removal you from the list of contestants.

3. Be benevolent in relation to other participants. As a rule, any competition is followed by the place for discussions – group on social network or a separate forum. Than better you will prove to be, that high probability that the person reading your messages will vote for you.

4. Actively distribute information that you participate in a competition, among the friends and acquaintances. Use the account in social network. Than you will be more active, that high probability of a victory. However you remember: all votes should be received by fair means. Do not allow the friends and acquaintances to wind them, using the prohibited methods. Do not offer a reward that the person will vote for you. It will be better if you show why you and nobody else is worthy it is how you will provide yourself, and a communication manner. Be opened for any who wants to recognize you closer, you remember that it is vital for a victory.

5. Certainly, not really good gesture will inform on other participants of a competition, however if you accidentally come across in network the declaration where it is offered to vote for your competitor for a reward, it is necessary to report about it to the administrator of an internet voting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team