"How to win in the game ""Sapper"""

"How to win in the game ""Sapper"""

Standard game in Windows under the name "Sapper" is familiar to much. But not all are able to play it because at first sight it seems unclear. Actually it is very serious puzzle which helps to develop logical thinking. To gain a victory in this game, not enough nobility only governed, it is necessary to be able to apply some cunnings and to develop own tactics.

It is required to you

  • the computer with Windows OS and the game "Sapper".


1. Start from the Start menu - "All programs" - "Games" - "Sapper". Start a game, following rules which it is possible to study in the reference topic of the application. It is in the left part of a window.

2. Begin to look for mines from a corner, it will be so more convenient. After disarmament of corners start direct ranks from unopened cages. Surely count possible options, it is not necessary "to stick" at random into cages. A game perfectly develops logical thinking because in some situations to count possible options very difficult, the attentiveness for this purpose is required. Each error is the last, and after it the round of a game is completed.

3. Try to note all mines as soon as possible. If it is absolutely precisely known that in a certain place there is a mine, at once mark it that to completion of a game not to forget about it. The computer in certain cases releases additional cages in which bombs are not hidden. Then the probability to find mines grows, it becomes visible at once in what fields something is, and what empty.

4. Try to open the parts of the field which are closed. If the following course is still unknown, pass to other part of the field. It is better to open cells which are not investigated yet, than to open places with mines.

5. Always to win, use chity for a game. Contract all programs closing a desktop and install a dark welcome screen or a background. It is desirable to make the screen monophonic. In a window of the program gather xyzzy key shortcut then click the left SHIFT key.

6. Click "Begin a game". After guidance of the cursor on a cage the left top pixel on the screen will become white color if under a cell there is no bomb, or black if under a cell there is a mine. It will become quite convenient hint.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team